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I am unbelievably excited to launch VeloKIDS after Easter at Studio Velo in Whitley Bay. 

This class is a fun introduction to the world of Dance and Theatre for children aged 8-12 yrs and aims to develop a young dancers technique in a range of styles and disciplines, improve the young dancers fitness and flexibility as well as boosting their confidence and self esteem in our fun, relaxed non exam based class. 

We are offering a free VeloKIDS taster class at Studio Velo on April the 22nd to kick start the term. 

In class the VeloKIDS will participate in a fun technical warm up, explore the choreography and themes from the ‘Greatest Showman,’ and end class with a series of conditioning stretch sequences.

This isn’t an open class and all places must be reserved in advance of the taster as places are limited to 15. 

You must complete the form below to reserve your place.

If you would like more information about this class please don’t hesitate to contact me blacksbarre@outlook.com.

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We will be taking photographs and video footage throughout the workshop to help promote the class and to record the progress of the VeloKIDS dancers. Photographs will be used on the Black's Barre Website and Facebook page and may be used on the Studio Velo Facebook page.

JazzFIT @ Studio              Velo

                           28.4.2018 Time TBC 

Drawing inspiration from the 1980’s dance fitness craze ‘Jazzercise,’ I’m going to run a one off JazzFIT social class at Studio Velo in Whitley Bay. 

JazzFIT is a high energy class designed to raise your heart rate, get you moving, burn some calories and leave you glowing by the end of the class as well as having a whole load of fun. The class will combine Jazz dance exercises with functional strength training and will provide you with an intense cardio workout whilst you improve your flexibility and overall range of movement and learn some of the iconic 80’s dance steps.

In the true ‘Jazzercise,’ style we’ll be dancing to an eclectic 80’s playlist, adorned in colourful Lycra, accessorised with sweatbands and leg warmers and will be searching for our pelvis in the hip isolation section of the class 😂

Because this class is being launched as a fun Black’s Barre Social you will be invited to join us for a complimentary Prosecco at the end of the session allowing you to rock your 80’s style for just that little bit longer!!! 

Come along and dig out your best Jane Fonda Lycra and join us for the first ever JazzFIT!! 

Class Price £8

Suitable for all levels of fitness and dance experience. 

Date 28/4/2018. 
Class Duration 1hr 30mins
Time TBC

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I would like to reserve1 place for JazzFIT 28.4.2018