VeloKIDS Class Policy


I believe that attending a VeloKIDS dance class allows a young dancer to combine hard work and fun in every session. It is imperative that both parents and children attending the class clearly understand what is expected from them and adhere to a few simple rules to ensure the safety and wellbeing for all those attending our classes at all times.

Behaviour At VeloKIDS we aim to create a relaxed learning space where every individual feels safe and comfortable to express themselves artistically, take risks and try new things without being judged by their peers. All students and parents are expected to have mutual respect for each other and their teachers. 

Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Mobile Phones Mobile telephones may be brought into StudioVelo but will not be permitted within the studio itself during class and must be left in the cloakroom on silent along with bags, coats and shoes. The reception area is locked throughout the class to ensure the safety of people's belongings however, Black's Barre and Studio Velo cannot accept any responsibility for lost or damaged valuable items we would like you to be fully aware that if valuable items are brought to Studio Velo by your child they are brought into the space at the owners own risk.  The use of mobile phones is strictly for emergencies, on occasion the students may be given permission to film a piece of choreography or exercise in order to practice from home however, this will only be granted at the discretion of the teacher 

If any contact home is required during a VeloKIDS class this will be done by the appropriate teacher.

 What to Wear We do not have a uniform as such at VeloKIDS but children must be dressed appropriately ready to dance. 


*Note to parents/guardians -  As the main teacher at VeloKIDS I have an up to date DBS (disclosure and barring service) and qualified in First Aid. I have a child protection, data protection and a health and safety policy all of which will be sent to you digitally if you decide to enrol your child on to the six week course of VeloKIDS at Studio Velo. 


"We can all dance if we find the music that we love"

Giles Andras  "Giraffes Can't Dance"

Class Price and Payment

We are offering a free initial taster class for 8-12yr olds on the 22.4.2018. If you decide to enrol your son or daughter on the first course of VeloKIDS classes you will receive an invoice for this via email. Payment is required within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. 

Payment can be made in cash or by a bacs transfer (preferable). The Black's Barre Account details for payment are shown on your invoice. 

Each course of VeloKIDS classes will have a different focus and will end with a sharing of work at the end of the final lesson where parents are either invited into the space to watch the children perform their work in progress or the piece will be recorded and shared with parents on the VeloKIDS page. See the schedule below for course dates and prices.

 VeloKIDS Course Schedule

Course 1 'The Greatest Showman'. 8-12yrs

The VeloKIDS dancers will explore the styles of choreography and themes used in 'The Greatest Showman' to give them a basic introduction to Musical Theatre dance styles. 

Dates 29th April - 27th May x 5 Classes

Course Price £25  



                 Course 2  - An Introduction to Contemporary Dance 8-12yrs

With the origins of Contemporary Dance stemming from Ballet this introductory course combines many aspects of ballet technique, such as strong and controlled legwork and use of posture and alignment. However, this is combined with the use of the back and torso and incorporates floorwork allowing the children more freedom to explore all aspects of movement and expression. 

Course Dates 10th of June - 15th July x 6 Classes

                                                  Course Price £30



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